The Men’s Rights Group of Arizona is dedicated to educating the public on men’s issues within the state and nationally.

One of our main goals is to educate the public and political leaders on the issues men, father’s and families face throughout the state. Like women, men too have specific gender issues that are unique to the aspect of being male. However, unlike women, men’s gender issues are not take seriously and are often discarded as insignificant by women’s organizations, liberal ”think-tanks“, politicians, non-profits and Hollywood alike.

Here at the Men’s Rights Group of Arizona LLC we focus our research and publication efforts on the following social issues men face in Arizona and nationally.

  • Divorce: (Child custody, child support, alimony, parenting time, legal process, false allegations in divorce court, parental alienation, etc.)
  • Divorce Publications: (Assisting men in protecting their rights using legal templates to fight for their rights without needing an attorney)
  • Criminal Justice Reform: (Criminal Sentencing, False Allegations, Racial Differences, etc.
  • Protecting Father’s Rights and Fatherhood
  • Domestic Violence: (Male victims of domestic violence, false allegations and arrest, basic research and publications)
  • Education: (The decline of boys and men in education, lack of male teachers, poor test scores for boys, harsher discipline of boys, etc.)
  • Political Activism: Fighting to help men gain equal rights in Arizona and nationally.

How can you help? Read and share our blog post and get informed of your rights. The more you know about your rights and the lack men have in many areas in society, the more informed you will be at the ballot box. You can also help by responding to our ”calls for action” on political issues within the state By calling, writing or emailing your local state representative.