About Us

Lessons From Men Who Been There!

The “idea” of our organization, Men’s Rights Group of Arizona LLC began in 2009 when several snowbirds and a life long resident of Pinal County began discussing sociological issues affecting men. The organization started a support group for men but soon delved into a think tank for social issues affecting men, fathers and families.

Before long the organization began researching issues and writing publications affecting men and men’s issues within the state. Part of this format was the typical blog but soon expanded to publishing self-help pamphlets and later full-fledged books on domestic violence and false allegations.

Before long we were writing authentic, real-world research that has never been done before!

Now as a publishing company, we filed articles for an LLC in 2011. Some of our books are listed here.

In 2013, we shifted gears and became more politically involved with state politics. All too often, men’s and father’s issues within Arizona were sidetracked and simply ignored. Men’s issues were ignored because of a lack of outside organizations pressing our political leaders to act on our behalf and frankly,

Can we count on you?